Official Brand Name: Nomad Snacks

Official Product Title:
Nomad Survival Snacks

Official Short Description: Meat Based Trail Mix

USPs: High Protein, Paleo Friendly, Gluten Free, 100% Grass Fed British Beef

Product Bio...
Born from ancestral know-how, our high protein survival snacks fuel you whether at home, at work or on an adventure, providing wholesome and balanced nutrition on the go.

Our Biltong is made from 100% grass fed beef from the British cows. We combine this with nuts, seeds and berries to produce a filling snack that your ancestors would be proud of!

Our snacks are built on the Palaeolithic principals so are High Protein, Paleo Friendly and Gluten Free, not to mention delicious!



Goji, Coconut & Cacao Pack Shot

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